US Manufactured

Our steel trusses are made in Florida with US Steel. National Shipping is available. Please contact us for more information. Estimate $1.50/mi from 32680.
State level steel truss engineering certifications.


Whether your project is agricultural, residential or commercial our trusses have standardized engineering. Our trusses can be used nationwide for agricultural purposes. Click here for more about our engineering and the plans you will receive. Basic Ag plans can be found at


If you require engineering, have questions about shipping or any other questions regarding our steel trusses please visit our Steel Truss FAQ. After reviewing the most common questions regarding our trusses, if you still need answers please contact us.

Custom Trusses

Our standard truss is a 3/12 pitch with the exception of the 50' truss which is always a 4/12 pitch. If you need a custom width, or custom pitch crafted please contact us.. Truss sizes: Gabled(peaked)- 16' - 50', Lean-to(single slope): 8'- 24'.

Learn how to build your own.

(get help from an expert with 25+ years experience with pole buildings)

20' Truss
20', 3/12 pitch: Quantity
24' truss
30' truss
30', 3/12 pitch: Quantity
32' truss
32', 3/12 pitch: Quantity
36' truss
36', 3/12 pitch: Quantity
40' truss
40', 3/12 pitch: Quantity
50' truss
50', 3/12 pitch: Quantity
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